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RTR Hobbytech - STR8 1:8 Pure Rally Game ( Yellow )
Price: €368.90 (€310.00 Excl.19% VAT)

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Weight: 4.5 kg

Professionally developed and tuned specifically for RALLY GAME racing. A completely pure RALLY GAME chassis Ready to Run in one box.







The STR8 Rally Game has a fully adjustable racing suspension and is fully equiped with strong components like the famous GO Engine 3 ports, Digital radio and a powerful 12kg servo steering with metal gear

Engine :

GO .21 3 Port Sport Engine PullStart Go have revolutionized the PullStart engine market with these latest updated Sport range engines. Designed to offer solid performance, really easy to tune and unparalleled quality for a pullstart engine.
3 Port design offers pokey performance and smooth power delivery. Composite carb body ensures that heat transfer to carb is massively reduced and tuning remains consistent with no carb binding.

Electronic :

The wheel radio transmitter is Digital with all function you may need like EPA, EXP, etc...




Steering servo is ultra strong (12kg) and has a really good reliability with this metal gear.

STR8 Rally Game features :

  • Ultra narrow chassis specific to RALLY GAME
  • low center of gravity
  • Laydown front and rear shocks holders
  • Front CVD drive shaft
  • full 24pcs rubber sealed ball bearing
  • Molded and foam bumper to absorb shocks
  • adjustable tie-rods and steering link
  • No center differential (direct drive shaft)
  • steel spur and bevel gear
  • hardened differentials gears
  • Front and rear aluminium stiffener
  • Ventilated flower brake disc
  • big bore shocks with 3.5mm shaft
  • Super sized ultra hard shock spring
  • fuel tank with splash guard
  • Front and rear anti roll bars
  • race optimized suspension geometry
  • Adjustable body mounts
  • factory fitted and trimed servos
  • IN LINE pipe polished
  • Pure rally game low profile racing tyres





Choice between 2 different pre-printed and trimmed bodies











Technical spec :

Height: 160mm
Wheelbase  : de 320 � 326mm
Front Width: 302mm
Front Width  : 306mm
Front ride height  : 7mm
Rear ride height  : 8mm
Weight : 3450gr