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XRAY XT8 - 2009 Specs
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XRAY XT8 - 2009 Specs
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Price: €487.90
(€410.00 Excl.19% VAT)
Manufacturer Code: 350201


New 2009 XRAY XT8 Specs:

improved chassis balance and weight distribution
all-new threaded big bore shocks
new chassis with improved weight balance and longer wheelbase
new big-bore shock springs
new rubber protective shock boots
new ultra-lightweight HUDY Spring Steel

Under the direction of the XRAY legendary world racing team RC car designer Dipl. Ing. Juraj Hudy and the XRAY design team headed to the design studio armed with a truck-full of great new ideas for improving on a already great package. The new 2009-spec XT8 has been updated for competition racing by focusing attention on the finest details...

Whether talking about handling improvement, jumping ability, drivetrain efficiency or acceleration ability, everything has been improved on the XT8. The 2009 XT8 features new front suspension, all new big-bore shocks for improved handling, new weight balance for much improved handling over bumps, super lightweight drivetrain parts, and all new graphite parts replacing aluminum equivalents to bring weight down to a minimum. And that is only a partial list of what we

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