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RB Buggy fuel 45% 5L
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RB Buggy fuel 45% 5L
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Price: €65.45
(€55.00 Excl.19% VAT)
Manufacturer Code: 012545B


RB Buggy Fuel was redesigned with a complete new mixture of synthetic and castor oil. Latest generation of additives can significantly reduce the friction of engine parts and viscosity in order to optimize fuel consumption and improve reliability at high pressure and temperature
As a result of 15 years of high level racing with many titles around the world, RB present a new high quality fuel. The complete new formula guarantees you high performance and will keep your engine safe. Do not think that the grey bottle is useless: it will protect the fuel against UV which deteriorates components. The methanol is from North Europe, Nitro from the USA and each bottle has a serial number for quality checks and traceability. RB's new range is also expanding with Fuel for planes, helicopters and 4 strokes engines

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